Learn Photography In Different Types Of Lighting With Ekta Studio

Date- Dec 05 2019

Light is the most important thing in photography. In the art of photography if you are getting the proper lights then the photoshoot will be a lot easy for the photographer, but on contrary if you are not getting sufficient light then the photoshoot becomes complicated. The camera captures the scene with help of sensors and light so if you will not provide the proper light to the camera then it will be hard for the camera to capture the photo of the subject with sharpness and with details.

Ekta Studio is the best wedding photographer in Lucknow and understands that when you do wedding photography, destination photography and fashion photography you do not get the proper lights there to capture the picture so for getting quality pictures you use sometimes external gadgets and equipment and sometimes you need to change the settings of your camera to get desired results in your photographs. So in this blog,Ekta Studio has brought you that in how to capture photos in different types of lighting.

Tips by Ekta Studio:

The lights vary with the passage of time so you cannot be accurate that particular settings will be good to get quality pictures and in same way the weather could be change anytime so in that case you can also get the variation in light so Ekta Studio is sharing some helpful tips. The tips are discussed below:-

Morning time: The time you get in the morning is very soft sunlight so you can make any type of experiment with your camera. The morning time is better for portrait photography. You can choose the when sunsets also that time is also good because morning and evening time the intensity of sun rays are not that high as you will get in the day time.

Night time: At night time photography it is obvious that you will not get the correct exposure for clicking quality photographs than in that case you should go to manual settings of the camera and raise the value of ISO and aperture. ISO and aperture help the camera to absorb the exposure more and you get the quality picture even in dim lights. You can likewise utilize the flash to get correct exposure during the night.

Summer time: In summer you get the bright light of the sun in that case you should use the reflectors and flash in photoshoot. Flash reduces the intensity of light and it provides quite good exposure in the photograph. The ND reflector also recommended you to soften the sun lights rays in the pictures. It is best to use during the photoshoot in summer.

Winter time: At the time of winter if you are doing photoshoot then you must have to take care that your camera should be in the aperture priority mode. At the point when you keep the camera on aperture priority mode then it begin modifying the aperture and shutter speed as per to the light source and the distance you placed your subject for the shoot and you get the quality result in form of photographer.